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Multi your Threading #8: One doesn't simply WASM into Mordor

20 Nov 2020

Finally we get on with the real juicy bit. This time I’m taking toyBrot straight to your browser through the black magic that is Emscripten. It’s super exciting and also a whole new world to dive into. 

Let’s see what I found on the other side!

Nerd Glossary: Compiled vs Interpreted and the curse of LLVM

19 Nov 2020

While I was writing the next Multi Your Threading post, I realised I wanted to make sure readers had some background covered before proceeding. So I made a shorted post about that stuff, you can check it out if you’re unclear about:

Compiled vs Interpreted Languages
High and Low Level Languages
Assembly vs Intermediary Representations
How every modern compiler is just Clang

Have a looksie =)

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