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What to do when OpenGL just hates multithreading?

19 Dec 2020

I took back to working on my old game engine a bit and ran into this nasty issue where OpenGL will refuse calls that don’t come from the one chosen thread.

It took me quite a lot of trickery with lambdas, template shenanigans, futures and what have you but I managed to sort it out. Want to know how I did it and how you could also adapt this solution to other problems?

Of course you do!

Multi your Threading #10: Nice GPU you have there, drawing this webpage....

14 Dec 2020

So if we use emscripten we can deploy our code and put it in a webpage…. and we can also use OpenGL to access the GPU and… browsers support OpenGL, kind of….  There is really only one path here, time to put these things together and grease up a whole lot of rough edges where they meet.

Let us take browsers by the hand and drag them where they never intended to go!

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