My name is Jehferson Mello and I’m some nerd who likes to code and lives in Wellington, NZ. Pretty par for the package, I’m into computers, games, cartoons, lots of music…

I try to keep learning as much as I can and somewhat fail at doing that through a manageable amount of concurrent personal projects, including this website which I’m hosting on my own in a Raspberry Pi behind my TV.

Though I saw myself primarily as a C++ programmer for quite a while, I’ve done enough bash, CMake and Docker magic by now that this line has become a bit blurrier and I’m primarily a different type of wizard these days, I guess.

When it comes to coding, you can find my own personal projects easily accessible at Gitlab. Though I migrated my own stuff off of Github after Microsoft purchased it, I still maintain my account there for work and general collaboration with other Open Source projects

Systems I'm running


This is my main machine. Proper overspecced, overclocked and watercooled


  •  AMD 1920X
  • ASUS Zenith Extreme
  • 32Gigs of RAM
  • Radeon VII
  • GeForce Titan X (Maxwell)


An HTPC built mostly of old parts


  •  AMD 8350FX
  • Some ASUS mATX
  • 12Gigs of RAM
  • 1050Ti LP


An intel NUC which runs my personal Git server (not listed above) and hosts this site